Code of Ethics


My Code of Ethics

  • I will serve the best interests of my clients.

  • I am not a doctor, therapist, financial or legal advisor. 

  • My rates are completely transparent. I will never try to upsell you or add minutes.

  • I will tell you what I see in the cards, and will conduct all readings with openness and honesty.

  • I will not read third parties (i.e. “What is he/she up to?”).

  • I treat all clients with respect, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual preference. My readings are non-judgmental.

  • I will keep our meeting confidential.

  • I respect the client’s right to terminate the reading at any time.

  • I reserve the right to refuse to do a reading that goes against my code of ethics.

  • If you don’t feel that I’m a fit for you, I will respect that decision and will try to recommend others that might be a better match.

  • I do not offer lottery numbers, remove spells or curses or do Twin Flame readings. 

  • I believe Tarot is a tool for guidance and insight and offers a probable outcome. Nothing is set in stone. You are solely responsible for the decisions you make.

  • I strive to empower, bring guidance and offer a sense of hope.