Yes, we can still party! Thanks to technology, I'm able to offer parties on Zoom. 

  • For groups 8 or less, we do a few fun, silly things first (one of those paper fortune tellers, a MASH game) just to get everyone in the groove. Then I will go into a Zoom room with each person individually for a private mini reading (usually around 5-10 minutes, depending on how many people and how long you want the event to go.) After everyone has their private reading, I'll pull either a funny card or an oracle card for each person. 

  • For larger groups, we start with the fun exercises, then each person gets their own card.  I go through each card and tell them what the energy and message is for them. Then we conclude with the funny or oracle card. 

To discuss your needs, contact me at Sandyhollowtarot@gmail.com