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Beware the Black Hole reader

I know I sound like a broken record, but I’ll say it again: be careful who you go to for readings. I get a lot of readings done for myself, and 99 percent of the time I have good experiences.

But of course there are the few that aren’t great. Either they just don’t resonate or they’re complete scammers. (I once tried out a Groupon reading just to see what it was like and honestly, the reading was pretty good until she told me there was a dark energy coming into my relationship that she could remove for $95. Um, no thanks.)

But there’s another type of reader to be wary of and this one is a little more difficult to suss out, because they do have legitimate skills.

Whether they’re a psychic or a medium or a reader, they absolutely can pick up on messages and information. The issue is their own dark energy that comes into play when they interact with you.

Here’s what I mean: you set up a reading because you’re experiencing some stress in your life. Maybe you hate your job or your relationship is feeling precarious. A helpful reader will listen to your concerns and use their abilities to assist you in navigating the situation. What they deliver may not be all sunshine and rainbows, but they will help you find your strength despite the doom and gloom. However, a “Black Hole” reader (as I refer to them) will tell you straight up about your problems and issues, what you or the other person is doing wrong, and what your weaknesses are. This type of reader will often present the information with a stone-cold, poker-faced affectation, which is a subtle intimidation tactic. Their projection of “authority” can make you, the client, feel stupid, embarrassed or child-like for not having seen this yourself. Are they wrong about what they’re telling you? Not necessarily, but as readers we have a larger responsibility than just relaying information. We are given our skills and gifts for a reason and compassion and humanity absolutely must be a part of that.

Here’s an example. I had a reading a couple of years ago from someone who was recommended to me. I booked a session and from the moment it started, I knew it was going to be a challenge. She came at me like a bull in a china shop, her energy was so intense and aggressive. “Okay,” she said right away. Not hello, not nice to meet you. Just “Okay. I’ve picked up on a lot of things you need to work on.” Fair enough. We all have shizz we need to pay attention to. So I settled into my open-minded Libra space and listened to what she had to say. Some things were right and some were way off, but none of that really mattered. During our entire time together, she never cracked a smile, never laughed, never asked me how I felt about what she was delivering. She talked at me and I felt like I was in Sunday School hearing about every bad judgment it was possible to make. As I sat there listening, I felt every ounce of joy and excitement getting sucked up out of my soul. It was worse than being at a party stuck in the corner with someone selling Amway. Ultimately what I took away from that reading had nothing at all to do with me. I didn’t feel empowered or hopeful. All I felt was heavy, dark energy. Who cares if she knew certain things about me? If I don’t experience a sense of comfort and connectedness sitting and talking with you, you’re not a reader I want to go to.

I can’t tell you how often I hear from people who have had upsetting readings and are either afraid to get another reading from someone else, or have such anxiety about the original reading that they can’t get past what was told to them.

Why do these otherwise legit readers bring this black hole energy into a reading? Personally I think it has to do with their own hangups. It could be pressure to prove themselves, to be seen as an expert. It can also be their own past experiences coming into play in the reading. If, for example, they’ve had crappy experiences with relationships in the past, you very well may see that come through in how they point out your issues.

We all have our inner critic to tell us what we’re doing wrong. We don’t need to pay someone to reinforce that. A reader sitting in a space of integrity will help quiet your negative inner voice and make space for the helpful inner guide to come through. If you leave a reading feeling icky, that’s a huge red flag. If you feel defeated, sad, angry, or like you were talked down to, this is not a reader that you should be allowing into your space. The upsell psychics who try to charge you to remove curses are easy to spot. But it’s the black hole readers that are more challenging to navigate. They may be “spot on,” but if you leave feeling like you’re less than or you’ve done something wrong, it’s time to find someone else.

Have you ever had a reading like this? Share your thoughts!

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