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Why I Do What I Do

I just had to pull out last year’s calendar to look up some information. (Yes, I use a paper and pen to track all my appointments!)

As I opened up to March of last year, I saw a flood of names of people I did readings for and it literally brought tears to my eyes.

Each one of them has a story. Every person I read for has some sort of conflict or question or decision to make. The stories are wildly unique, ranging from the personal to the professional. These aren’t just names on a square in my calendar; they are vibrant, dynamic people with complicated lives. Looking back on March 2021, many of those people are now regular clients and it’s freaking amazing to see what’s transpired in that time. Others were one-time readings and I find myself wondering how things worked out. Where are they now? Were they able to resolve the situation? My hope is that they’ve found peace.

This is why I do what I do. I love connecting with strangers over their stories. We all share the same emotions—fear, sadness, joy, anger, resentment, wonder. No one is immune to wanting to feel secure, accepted and purpose-driven. The cards are a tool to tap into our strength, courage and wisdom. I’m merely the channel to deliver these messages to you. In essence, this is a love letter to my clients. Know that your stories stick with me. When I read for you, I recognize the privilege and responsibility you’re affording me. Yes, I like to have fun with the cards (especially on Boozy Tarot) and I do read at parties and events, but the real passion for me is the connection between the Divine and mundane. The cards are a tool and each and every reading is sacred.

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