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Space sagging

Moving into a new house? Is the energy "off" in your office? Saging is a great way to invigorate your surroundings and rid the area of any negative or low vibrations. Using sage, sound and crystals, I will cleanse and purify your space to allow for creativity, productivity and peace. A bottle of protection spray and crystals are yours to keep.


Private readings and Gift Certificates

Whether you have specific questions or just want a general look at what's going on, a private reading is a great way to gain clarity and perspective on your life. Private readings generally last about 30 minutes and can be done via Zoom, phone or email.

Please note: due to overwhelming response (gratitude!), there is currently a waiting list. Please contact me to be added or check back for updates. 



Gather your friends for an evening of fun and enlightenment. While everyone eats, drinks and mingles, each person gets a 15 minute reading. In addition, I can add a psychic medium or another reader. Contact me for details.

$50 per person, five person minimum, 12 person maximum. 

Readings for introverts & night owls

Want a WRITTEN reading rather than face-to-face? No worries! I do that, too. You'll get a full reading and the opportunity to ask one follow-up question via e-mail. Once you purchase, I'll contact you for more information. 


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