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"I feel like I can ask any questions without Patti judging me. I truly can say all my readings have been right on."

Client since 2016

"Patti is amazing! She has been my go-to since the first time we met. Always spot on and will explain it all so it makes sense. Highly recommend her!"

Client since 2015

"Patti's readings are stunningly accurate and enlightening. She delves deep and is truly connected to the spirit realm. What I love most about her readings is her ability to empower you and leave you with a feeling of calm and control when it comes to your life's questions. She has a true, rare talent."

Client since 1999

"I have been getting readings from Patti for over 25 years. Patti has a lovely personality, is a terrific listener and provides keen insights in her readings. She will collaborate with you to gain clarity on the issues that matter most to you. Highly recommend."


Client since 1994

"Patti is a gifted reader; compassionate, insightful, accurate and empathic. I definitely recommend her!"

E.L., 2019

"Patti is right on the money, when it comes to her perspective and insight. Not only is a reading with her informative but, it’s a lot of fun! I highly recommend trying her out!"


Client since 2011

Wondering what to expect?

Here's a comprehensive look from one of my clients:​

"Patti isn't what you imagine when you think of your typical Tarot reader.

She is a widely published author, a journalist, and an editor. Her work has been featured in a variety of publications, including the Boston Globe and Wine Spectator.

Nevertheless, she has also been gifted with the ability to connect with your energy and provide invaluable information to guide your path. A session with her will steer your internal compass to elevate you into reaching the highest potential of your power to create changes in your life.


Today I experienced a reading with her.

She is the type of reader you want when you are seeking a professional, stable force that takes away all anxiety around this art. I have had Tarot readings in the past, many of them, and I always get this little flutter of nervous hesitation before the session begins.

There was none of that here. Her presence inspires instant relaxation and camaraderie. Just the sound of her voice lulls you into a space of sublime comfort.

"Do you have any questions? Anything in particular you'd like to focus on?" she asked.

"Maybe I should focus on my love life, since I'm scared to ask about work. If the cards tell me I'm out of work until December, I'm going to lose it," I answered.

She shuffled the cards, took some time to "cleanse" them, and I felt myself melting. Her energy is so stable, so serene, that it resonated right though the computer screen. I'm a control freak, normally, and have a hard time letting go and having someone take over without asking a million questions. It is rare for me to release the reins and let someone else guide the session, but before she even laid down the first card, I had a profound sense of simply being taken care of. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she would give me exactly what I needed to hear and know.


As she pulled cards for me, I noticed something quite unique about the session: Her cards have life. They have a personality. I have never met anyone who was able to make the cards "speak" with such clear and defined voices. As she explained the meanings of each card, it was like speaking to various parts of my psyche.


I found myself nodding, transfixed, as the messages poured forth. It was the perfect mix of validating info to establish that the cards had hit the mark, and future-based insights to point me toward specific decisions that need to be made.

There is something almost hypnotic about her sessions. The connections are deep and beautiful; not just the connection between reader and participant, but also between the participant and the cards themselves. Those cards become your trusted, magical friends once she touches them. They are indisputable, yet kind. Everything I learned eased my mind and brought me solace in a tough time.

I left the session both hopeful and ready. I know that I have some issues to take care of, and now I have what I need to fix what needs to be fixed. So incredibly powerful."

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